GT Booster

  • Type: Autoinstalling
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to apply: Less than 5 min
  • Version:1.0.5
  • Updated: August 6, 2014
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GT Booster wraps some of the smartest caching, compression and minifying methods available today for WordPress, modded to be 100% GeoTheme compatible.

Just activate and see google pagespeed and load times dramatically improve!

IMPORTANT: Not to be used with other 3rd party caching plugins.

== Changelog ==
= 1.0.2 =
* Jan 03 2013
* Small fix for some servers not reading directories right, causing broken JS or white screens.

= 1.0.1 =
* July 16 2012
* Now compatible with GT_Vouchers

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75 Responses to GT Booster

  1. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    Oooh… I might have to actually buy that one. That’s pretty cool.

  2. Buyer
    timtaller says:

    Does not work with GT 3.0.9, if the user is not logged in, I’m getting 500 error with the following record in the error.log

    [03-Jun-2012 16:55:34] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 104857601 bytes) in /home2/xxxxx/public_html/yyyyyy/wp-content/advanced-cache.php on line 163

    Once disabled the plugin everything went back perfectly. Previous version of the theme was working just fine with this plugin.

    • Buyer
      seanym says:

      What was done to resolve this? I am having the same error for not logged on users. I am currently running WP3.5 and GT 3.2.3 with responsive child theme.
      Please help! I would like to use the plugin that I have payed for.

  3. Buyer
    scottd says:

    Is the problem with GT Booster and V3 fiixed?? I need a good speed boost to my site.

  4. Buyer
    rcuster says:

    Any update, I’m having problems with this too. Deactivated it for now!

  5. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    Stiofan, having issues with GT Booster and GT Vouchers (Jeff Rose plugin) I need to be able to run BOTH – any tweaks or work arounds that you may think or know of would be great to make GTB work with GTV or any other plugin for that matter.

    It’s throwing a JavaScript error preventing other scripts (like mine) from running on the front end.

  6. Buyer
    cherlihy says:

    Enabled it on my site, latest version of GeoTheme, less than 24 hours later people were getting 500 errors and the site was not accessible till I turned the thing off. sigh

  7. Buyer
    rcuster says:

    Gt Booster seems to help my site speed but when activated, it seems to be conflicting with the price page. After selecting a price package my site goes to a white screen. Is this happening to anyone else?

  8. Buyer
    cye says:

    getting a 404 error when i try to activate plugin

  9. Buyer
    ekillian says:


    Got the plug-in installed today… that most of the time generates the following page (� characters).
    I try to change the features on/off step by step but I don’t know how to handle this…

    Thank you,

    ��}iw�8��g���h�NS�m�Z�;v��8i���k;�wnw�DBc�`s��q����~٫��E�dɱO��;6 �B�P P�������?O�� z���˷’GĨY֯�#�zu������ޒf�A.B�Gn�r�z�u�� � ��]��F�Q��þuqf]c]M,�kq�d݉����z~�_RMsggG�yuH����4w�E���o5��/vc�_�^�W�8�z�����$$?�!���F�ޟ���Ϲ�R��œ�-Y��*�#;t���7��ul}�WT�$ � �#QGM@��|h��������xI��#�׺�G1 -���9���r�p���cK��®-pXd}���HXx���?Gk:_<`C�ҏ�s�!�L�e'Q̇:_7q�� dQTK"֨m�ďkخKb)� ]��� j �Xxȁ, �p�E��C�;!����|7�c�?�p���{(��ڼ�/��8�gvl d�’ ۏt�����Bփ�/�pBL� }�f �ux���c�no7q��X�K)s�{��r� Zg��>��!EB���e?

    • Boss
      stiofan says:

      Hi Erick,

      Please send a link to your site with details of how i can replicate this, ie what browser you are using, what operating system and what page. Please also include a link to this page to remind me what it’s about.

      info [@]



    • Buyer
      kelligirl says:

      Did you get a fix for this? I have the EXACT same problem…

  10. Buyer
    erwinburgos says:

    I bought this plug in today, Installed it, activated and all i get is a white blank page, basically it doesn’t work.

    Can anyone help?

  11. Buyer
    frankmedia says:

    Maybe this is a compatibility issue with the new WordPress release?
    I had a website that was running perfectly with caching enabled until yesterday, when I upgraded WordPress to 3.4.2. Now all I see on mobile devices is the weird characters that one of the other posters here mentioned. I’ve noticed that some other caching systems I use on other sites (different theme) have similar issues when gzip is enabled for some reason. However I was unable to find a way to disable that (if applicable at all). The weird characters look like some binary is being sent to the client..

  12. Buyer
    augustabiz says:

    Wow! Not sure what happened but I upload the plugin, try to activate and the entire site shut down.

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Apache Server at Port 80

  13. Buyer
    felo odriozola says:

    Hi stiofan i installed the plugin but now the main google map doesnt load and the images neither !
    thanks for your support

  14. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    When I upload this plugin my review roller bar on the homepage disappears…suggestions? Do I need to code something?

    • Boss
      stiofan says:

      I am not sure what you mean, can you click the “Support” button above the comments here and send me a link to your site and admin login details.

  15. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    hey is there anyway to get GT Booster to ignore soem Javascript files? I have a mod that does not work when GT Booster is activated.

  16. Buyer
    ronschloss says:

    Hey, I’m very interested in buying this plugin, but want to know if it’s working on WP 3.5. I’ve had a lot of troubles with the upgrade.

    I have the last version of GT

  17. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    Hey would it be possible in a future version to be able to add a JS file to be ignored into teh settings rather than changing a main file?

  18. Buyer
    swisswebwork says:

    Hi unfortunally the plugin does not work, listing pages and events get blank after some times. Really need a fix as my site became very very slow now, got more then 100k listings

  19. Buyer
    okaufmann says:

    hey there,

    i searched for a solution in both, geotheme support and here, but didnt found anything, so: booster forces me to set the chmod for wp-config.php to 755 or higher, but only 777 works…. i guess that’s a big security problem or am i wrong?

    • Boss
      stiofan says:

      I have not heard of anyone having to change the permissions on wp-config.php, some folders might have to be changed to 755 or higher. I would suggest setting it to 777 and then working down untill you find the minimum it will work with. 777 permissions is not a risk by it’s self, you would need other script/server holes to actually do anything with it. I have never had any problems with it.


  20. Buyer
    frank19 says:

    After installing and activating this plugin the entire look of my site was re-arranged. When I deactivate the plugin everything goes back to working correctly. When activated, it is almost impossible to navigate the site because all the images open and the navigation breaks down. Any ideas?

  21. Buyer
    fitrush says:

    I’m sorry but where in the world do I upload this? in the child theme? in the plugin section of wp? I’m completely lost here, I know this maybe obvious but it would help if the instructions were step by step, maybe I’m missing something.

  22. Buyer
    paulsaunders says:

    ive just bought and installed and now my site isnt displaying correctly.

    Ive not made any changes to settings yet

    please advise



  23. Buyer
    tailorskill says:

    Hi, images gallery don’t work with when plugin GT Booster is active

  24. Buyer
    sdinvestor2k says:

    I have a plugin called mapsvg. When I activate GT Booster it will not display. Can you help me understand what might be getting in the way? I tried to eliminate the page from being cached but that didn’t seem to work. I have completely deleted GT Booster from my site but I’m hoping you can give me some direction here.

    Thank you

  25. Buyer
    boscol99 says:

    I am running a slightly older version of geotheme with a lot of customizations, but I was wondering if this addon would still be helpful. Our load times are too high right now and some of the other caching solutions have not eloped enough. The site is

  26. Buyer
    traveltipsthailand says:

    I have just installed this plugin and am getting 500 errors every time I enable it. I have posted this on the forum too as I am not quite sure where to get support.

  27. Buyer
    matxs says:

    With this plugin activated, claiming the business pop up seems not to work.
    And images on place detail page are not showing.
    It happens also that review stars are showing vertically.

    Example :
    Thank you for fixing those bugs

  28. Buyer
    ctaville says:

    I bought GTBooster today but if i use it i can’t upload images !
    Why ? i use GT 3.3.5

  29. Buyer
    erwinburgos says:

    I was trying to redownload this and now it wants me to buy it again, ????

    • Boss
      stiofan says:

      You should not have to buy again, in the main menu, hover on your profile pic and then select my orders, then find GT Booster and click the order ID, from there you should be able to download.


  30. Buyer
    ryanw4675 says:

    I purchased GT Booster and activated it and it just jumbles all the code, I get a white screen with odd code all over it. I deactivated it and everything works normal again? Please assist? I am currently hosted on host gator and have noticed other people with problems with this host?

    Thanks Ryan

    • Buyer
      frankmedia says:

      See one of my previous replies. It appears that some hosters use a default compression type that causes issues with GT Booster in certain browsers. From what I understand the underlying problem is that GT Booster is trying to compress traffic that is already compressed or vice versa. IIRC correctly a different setting for gzip or deflate somewhere might solve this. Unfortunately I got sidetracked with different problems before I was able to solve this issue. I’ve also found that some caching plugins (including GT Booster) and thumbnail scripts can cause problems when combined with a firewall plugin such as WP Firewall2. The repeated calls to the thumbnail script url might be detected as an intrusian attempt. If you find that every so many thumbnails are missing in your listings, then adding whitelisted values or parameters might be a temporary (though less safe) solution. Right now my site is running uncached which is causing significant performance issues so I hope to see a definite solution for the GT Booster ‘double’ compression thing soon.

  31. Buyer
    localizadormaster says:

    hello, this sample site
    I found an interesting feature I wonder if this sale here function in this initial map the categories are subcategories ower, this plugin this Sale if you have interest in it.

  32. Buyer
    hepontes says:

    I have bought the plugin Booster but it doesn’t work properly, It change all the css in my website.

    What should I do?

  33. Buyer
    ryanw4675 says:

    Looking at my website speed test at!/dKPgEL/ – I can see that one of the largest files is the css it seems, which is being cached by gt booster?

    How can I minify that css file, or is there something wrong with that file?

  34. Buyer
    kingmhg says:

    I’ve installed the plugin but am getting some strange characters in my header that look like: –> –>

    Can anyone help me figure this out and see if this plugin is working on my site?


  35. Buyer
    leandrorosa says:

    Hello, my website came down after activating the plugin, after deactivating everything is normal.
    My website is very slow, that’s why I bought it.
    Please help me activate this and working, my server is Hostgator.
    My website is

  36. Buyer
    bolosssis says:

    Hi! have buy today GT BOOSTER!
    Have the same problem!
    GT Booster work only when a user is logged in else i see only a white blank page!!!!
    What is worng???

  37. Buyer
    sellphil says:

    I had to dectivate this since users that are not logged in see white. Can you please let me know why this might be occurring. seems others had the same issues. I already tried deactivating all other plugins.

  38. Buyer
    krazybear says:

    Does anyone know if this white screen issue has been fixed with this or what is causing it?
    Would like to buy it.
    Also, any option of using a cdn for some of the GT files or just images?

  39. Buyer
    krazybear says:

    I am guessing that this plugin is no longer supported. Are there other caching plugins we could use?
    I’m using others on regular wp sites, but a suggestion would be appreciated.

  40. Buyer
    sas67 says:

    Hi Stiofan – GT Booster isn’t working with WP 3.9 on my site – have left a support request here. It was fine before the upgrade.

  41. Buyer
    infozoomro says:

    is this pugin up-to-date?
    on the demo that you provide the score in google pagespeed is very low

  42. Buyer
    gallerysites says:

    Doesn’t work on Chrome for mobile, just Safari.

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