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TT Social Connect

Allow your visitors to comment, login and register with their Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or account. (Authorised fork of Social Connect by Brent Shepherd) Fixed to work with new twitter 1.1 API (if you have the original Social Connect More Info »

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Regenerate Thumbnails

GT Force Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to delete all old images size in your places and details and REALLY regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments. == Installation == 1. Go to your admin area and select Plugins -> Add More Info »

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Change Comment Moderation Em »

This plugin changes or disables the comment moderation email to the actual post's author. There is no options for this plugin, to disable the email to post author change line 32 of the plugin from: $email_author = $user->user_email; // TO More Info »

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GT Booster

GT Booster wraps some of the smartest caching, compression and minifying methods available today for WordPress, modded to be 100% GeoTheme compatible. Just activate and see google pagespeed and load times dramatically improve! IMPORTANT: Not to be used with other More Info »

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Responsive fix

We used this lovely Pinterest Clone Theme for Wordpress for a recent project. After buying we discovered that only home page has a resposive layout. For 25$ you can't expect the moon! If you visit official theme demo and click More Info »

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GT Addons Bundle

A limited time* offer of all addons for GeoTheme made by us and other awesome devs of the community... With this bundle you will get: CityScapes GeoTheme Improved Latest Events Widget GT-Dashboard TT Autocompleter For GT TT Ajax duplicate alert More Info »

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Autocompleter 1

Adds fuzzy search ajax autocomplete capabilities. Doesn't make any call until search form is used and search for all terms containing what is typed. Best for site with > 500 LIstings. For smaller directories use : TT Ajax Search Autocomplete More Info »

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Ajax duplicate alert

Adds seamless Ajax duplicate alert on submission of places/events for GeoTheme. Doesn't block submission, as there could be places or events with same name, even in the same city. It just alerts when a place or event with the same More Info »

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Autocomplete 2

Adds search ajax autocomplete capabilities. All terms are retrieved and stored through an ajax call on each page load. Best for site with < 500 LIstings. For bigger directories use : TT Autocompleter For GT

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s2 Front End

Provides a front end form through the use of a shortcode to manage Subscribe2 subscriptions without sending user to Wordpress Dashboard. == Changelog == = 1.3 = * July 25 2012 * Bug Fix: "Receive periodic summaries of new posts?" More Info »

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